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Aftercare Cataract Eye Surgery

Do I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery? And 5 Ot...

Cataracts normally develop over many years and gradually reduce our vision, though they can appear in months for some types. There are surgeries available to remove cataracts and significantly improve your sight and quality of life. One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Do I need glasses ...

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Do I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery? And 5 Other Common Questions - ANSWERED

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Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery?

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Milia: What are those white bumps around our eyes?

The history of eyesight correction

Yellow eyes reveal a lot about your overall health, so don't ignore it!

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Stop smoking cigarettes and save your sight

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Winter Paralympics 2018: Could you ski down a mountain blind?

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What are the short- and long-term laser eye surgery effects?

The eye twitch that just won’t budge

Dry Eyes? Don’t worry, celebs get it too

Loved up? Here’s how your eyes are giving it away one vegetable reduces us all to tears

Laser eye surgery (LASIK) 360: The world’s first ever video

Dark circles under your eyes. What really causes them?

TV Shows of 2017: What takes the crown as most watched?

David Bowie : Through the eyes of this music icon

A tea a day can keep the ophthalmologist away!

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Full of cold? Don't forget your eyes are affected too!

How much does each country spend on healthcare?

Scallops: Not just extraordinary in taste but in vision too

Cold eyes? Here's how to protect your eyes this winter

Winter sights of the world according to Instagram

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Sample - How To Post

Baby vision: The development of sight from birth

Remember remember the 5th November, and to protect your eyesight of course

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Gene therapy, the new cure for blindness?

Protect your sight on your smartphone

Driving into the sunset? Here’s how to do it safely...

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Freshers warning: here’s why drinking too much may damage your eyes

Bionic’ve never seen anything like it

Creepy crawlies surprise us with their super vision

Long eyelashes...are they damaging our eyes?

Are pigs helping us to restore our eyesight?

How To View A Solar Eclipse Safely

Eye-Inspired Architecture: The L’Hemisfèric

Using supplements to maintain eye health

Children's Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month - Education and The Digital Age

The Best of English Views

The Future of Healthcare

A CET Evening With Us at Focus Clinics

Allergic eye disease and hay fever

Eyes are a Focus at Glorious Glastonbury

Why Glaucoma Awareness Week is important

Comparing Surgery Times: Laser Eye Surgery vs Other Surgeries

Do you take your glasses off before taking a selfie?

What are the chances of an infection after laser eye surgery?

5 Random Facts About Your Eyes

The Google Doodle Created in Honour of Ferdinand Monoyer

Healthy Vision Month: Can you spot the sun-seeker not wearing any sunglasses?

Healthy Vision Month: Can you spot the sun-seeker not wearing any sunglasses?

6 Reasons Why Women Could Be More Prone to Eye Problems Than Men

Sunlight and Your Eyes

Ocular Health: A Blind Spot in Parliament

Microbial Keratitis: Contact Lens infection vs LASIK

Hay Fever: Preventing Itchy Eyes

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A blind world: Number of blind people could half with sight-saving surgery

Your Most Common Laser Eye Surgery Fears and Questions: Answered.

Keep Your Eyes Open to Spot the Symptoms of Cataracts

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7 Things to Know About Styes

Dry Eye Disease: An Increase of the Disease in Children Linked to Smartphone Use

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Colour Blindness: Symptoms and Treatments

Did you know brussels sprouts can help save your sight this Christmas?

Brussels Sprouts: The Seasonal Superfood that will Save your Sight

7 surprising things your eyes can reveal about your health

Could an iPad game cure lazy eye in children?

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The epidemic outbreak of Acanthamoeba keratitis

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Parents to protect children's eyes by monitoring digital usage

The secret superfood that could stop you going blind

What kind of laser eye surgery is right for you?

Exercises to improve your eye health

What is age-related macular degeneration?

Glaucoma: A Leading Cause of Blindness

The Principle Causes of Blindness Worldwide

World Sight Day 2016

The Myopia Epidemic Across The World - Which Countries Suffer the Most?

Eye problems associated with high myopia

What are eye floaters & are they a concern?

Revealed: common causes of eye twitches

Why myopia progression is a concern worldwide

Is your child at risk of myopia?

Astigmatism in children: what are the warning signs?

How to spot potential sight issues in Children

When should a child first go to an eye doctor/ optician?

5 Top Eye Patching Tips for Parents

Eye Allergies to look out for in Children

Warning Signs of Vision Loss in Children

15 Foods That Can Improve Your Eye Health

5 Of The Most Common Eye Infections And How To Avoid Getting Them

From poison to potions: the toxins used in medicine that could save your life...

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Superfoods...

Why It Might Be Time For Laser Eye Surgery

Focus Clinic Awarded Top Spot for “Top Rated Eye Treatment Companies” on Trustpilot

The 30 Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

The Misleading Prices of Laser Eye Surgery

10 Common Prescription Drugs That Can Damage Your Eyes

High cholesterol: Did you know it can damage your vision?

Common Habits That Can Damage Your Eyes

Smoking Yourself Blind

West End Star Beverley Knight's Vision Transformation

LASIK vs LASEK / PRK Eye Surgery

Cataract Symptoms

Contact lens problems and how to fix them

Refractive lens exchange cost

Pros and cons of laser eye surgery

Cataract surgery recovery

Cataract surgery advances

How does laser eye surgery work?

Should I have laser eye surgery?

Eye tests needed before laser eye surgery

How to choose a laser eye surgeon

Does LASIK wear off?

Age 31 to 40 and driving glasses

Age 18-30 and reading glasses

The Common Cause of People Aged 18-30 Needing Driving Glasses

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Blended Vision for Reading Glasses

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Victoria - 'No more tired eyes and No more headaches'

Saira - 'The staff are really friendly and cool and David Allamby was amazing'

Saira - 'Waking up and being able to see everything is amazing !'

Jessica - 'The whole experience has been 5-Stars'

Robert - 'Since the surgery my vision has been perfect'

Julie - 'If you are considering surgery just do it '

Nicola - 'My vision 10 years later is still very good'

Elliot - 'It's like someone has just turned on the HD'

Matt - 'Years of being unable to see the wall are over!'

Sarah - 'Service was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G'

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Ravi - 'The surgery was quick and painless'

Meet the FOCUS Team – Patricia

Meet the FOCUS Team - Barbara

Sandra - 'Dr Allamby is a wonderful eye surgeon'

Ana - 'It’s such a great feeling to finally see without glasses'

Alison - 'The best thing after treatment is just not having to think about vision'

Michelle Humphrey - 'I’m so happy I can now see perfectly'

Michael / Z-LASIK / Blended Vision

Kane - 'Changed my life for the better and took great care of me'

Michael / Z-LASIK / Blended Vision

Christine / Z-LASIK / Blended Vision

Alexandra / Z-LASIK / Distance Vision

Paula / Z-LASIK / Distance Vision

Nick / Z-LASIK / Blended Vision

How to accentuate your eye colour after laser eye surgery

The First Member of Your Focus Family - Meet Barbara

A new type of eye is discovered

Smart phones become eye-phones

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Focus First CET Evening A Success!

New eye layer linked to glaucoma

Can exercise help to improve your eyesight?

What happens if I blink during laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery recovery: how long does it take?

How long does recovery from laser eye surgery take?

Eye speed linked to impulsivity

Vision and multitasking

Smart tech comes to contact lenses

Quit smoking to improve your vision

How an app can help the blind

How to choose a laser eye clinic

City living and dry eyes

Using eyes to fight crime

Helping those who cannot see, with science

Computer games and vision

Laura Whitmore returns to the jungle

Bluetooth glasses or laser eye surgery?

Bluetooth glasses? Or laser eye surgery.

Charles Saatchi and the Naked Eye

Protecting your eyes from the sun

New part of the eye discovered

Eye tracking

Hayfever and itchy eyes - What to do?

What is presbyopia?

TETRIS improves vision?

Four years after laser eye surgery

Jess Wright and Ricky Rayment at Focus

Ricky and Jess from 'TOWIE' at Focus

The bionic eye

Contact Lenses vs Laser Eye Surgery

Specialist treatments at FOCUS

What is macular degeneration?

What are floaters?

What is Blepharitis?

Emily: 3 months after laser eye surgery

A step back in time

Laser eye surgery cost

Focus on Shina

Why Research is so important at Focus

Reading glasses and blended vision

Clinical Standards At Focus

Introducing the Ziemer Femto LDV Crystal Line

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100% 20/20 vision

100% 20/20 vision

Focus Clinic has a remarkable 100% success rate for 20/20 vision. We know of no other clinic that has matched these results. There is a big difference between, for example, 98% and 100% success, especially if you are in the 2%.

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10-year care guarantee

10-year care guarantee

Your Lifetime Care Guarantee means you can return at any time if you have additional questions on the quality of your vision. If you have distance vision correction for short-sight then any repeat laser eye treatments to correct a return of myopia in the first 10 years are included free of charge.*

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Most trusted eye treatment clinic

Most trusted eye treatment clinic

We have the highest trust rating of any ‘eye treatment’ rated clinic, according to independent review site Trustpilot. With an outstanding 9.9 out of 10, when it comes to your eyes, choose the clinic that actual patients trust the most.

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