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There is a refundable admin fee of £25 for consultations during the week and £50 for consultations in the weekend. This will be returned to you when you attend the appointment.
Surgeon David Allamby FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth
 David Allamby


Four years after laser eye surgery

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Moreyba - 4 Years later

Around four years ago two sisters visited Focus. Both were hugely active in their day to day lives but in different ways. Moreyba was working at an ad agency in Soho - her days full of busy meetings, screenings, nights out with clients and late hours poured over her laptop. Natasha on the other hand was a full time mum - the day beginning early with two little ones and not stopping until after 8pm when she attempted to settle down with a film for an hour or two for some well deserved rest. Both sisters relied on contact lenses to correct their short-sightedness or at worst glasses when they lost their contacts!

However like many contact lens wearers the rituals of cleaning, dryness and losing the lenses had lead both girls to consider laser eye surgery. They found Focus online and after coming in for a consultation they decided to go ahead with treatment a few weeks later.

We often speak to patients a week or two after their laser eye surgery but we decided to catch up with Moreyba at Byron Hamburgers in Westfield some four years after her laser eye surgery. Whilst we all enjoyed some great hamburgers Moreyba told us how her life has been since having treatment over four years ago.


Focus: So here we are, over 4 years from when you had laser eye surgery! What has happened since then?

Moreyba: Well I'm working in TV now and have been for the past three years. I love it - it's long hours again but I get to travel and see the world. I was in Africa a few months ago and it was just incredible.

Focus: Do you remember having laser eye surgery or is it now simply a distant memory? How has it changed things for you?

Moreyba: Well it's funny. I was so nervous leading up to the surgery but then once it's all over you do get used to it quite quickly. I'm not saying you take it for granted but the recovery is so quick it all kind of moves along so fast. I mean I was back at work within a day or two and just enjoying perfect vision. You almost forget what it was like having to mess around with contact lenses.

Being involved in an industry that relies on the visual stuff so much means that I do still appreciate how incredible it is not having to wear glasses or contacts. When I'm looking at screenings every single week, going to film premiers or even traveling to new places, these are all times when I feel very fortunate to have had laser eye surgery.

Focus: So how is your vision now, 4 years later?

Moreyba: I'm still 20/12 which is even better than 20/20 so I am of course still very happy that I had the surgery. It's the same thing that a lot of people say, I wish I had done it earlier. The amount of summers where I'd be with my nieces and nephews and would jump in the pool when we'd go away and then not be able to see them properly when coming out. That's all very different now - it really does give you a new sense of freedom that you cannot have with glasses or contacts.

Focus: What would you say to people who are thinking about having laser eye surgery? Any advice in particular?

Moreyba: Do it! Honestly it was so quick and the results have been so good that I think it's one of those things you've just got to go ahead and make the decision. We were both pretty nervous but everyone was very supportive and the aftercare was excellent. I would make sure you just check out the results and data of clinics and also the surgeons doing the operation. We did a lot of research online and we chose Focus because of the expertise of the surgeons and also didn't want to go to a high street clinic. We got the impression at our consultation that there was a real attention to individual care at Focus and that is why we immediately booked treatment.

Laser eye surgery has changed me and my sister's lives - it just makes everything easier.

Focus: Thanks for your time Moreyba and the catch up today. We don't always get to see people so many years after surgery but it's been a pleasure! Is there any lasting memory from having laser eye surgery or something you'd like to share with us?

Moreyba: I will never forget going away to Gran Canaria several months after the surgery and looking out to sea as the sun was setting. I really felt like I'd never seen it so clearly and that was definitely THE moment when I realised I'd done the right thing!


By: David Allamby
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