How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in the UK?

The one obstacle that often prevents people from moving ahead with laser eye surgery at the final hurdle is the cost, even though we know that long-term it is cheaper than using glasses and contact lenses.

The procedure isn’t cheap (somewhere between £4,000 - £5,000), but when it comes to the health of your eyes and your vision, money shouldn’t really be a factor.

Thankfully, LASIK eye surgery in the UK can be made more affordable with monthly payments rather than paying thousands of pounds at once. However, that varies from centre to centre as some have additional costs further down the line (including some hefty interest rates).

This is why people are left wondering what the all-in cost truly is and not just the cost that’s on the label. Let’s find out.

Eye Procedure

The Average Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Any eye procedure involves a lot of decision making. What the procedure is going to involve, how long you’ll be out of action for, the cost of the surgery, potential side effects and more.

The cost is something that can tempt people to choose one clinic over another but remember, a cheaper option isn’t always the best one especially since this is your eyes we’re talking about!

In the UK, you’ll find that some clinics are offering LASIK eye surgery from around £1,200 to £1,700 per eye, meaning the entire procedure can - on average - cost around £2,400 to £3,400 at first.

Sadly, that doesn’t mean the costs will end there. While they might seem cheap at first and very tempting, cheaper options aren’t always what they seem, as the true cost of LASIK eye surgery can be much higher with hidden costs.


Cheap LASIK Options Aren’t Always the Best

Let’s assume you’ve decided to pick one of the cheap options we mentioned, regardless of if you decided to empty your savings and pay it all at once or picked monthly credit options.

What happens if you have issues weeks or months after your procedure? Then you’ll be rummaging through those terms and conditions to find out that actually, you have to pay even more to be seen by the surgeon again to find out what went wrong.

Hidden costs are common, sadly, so don’t always be enticed by a cheap initial fee only to find out you’ll have to pay a lot more than you were even aware of - which isn’t really fair. Find a clinic which is upfront about the total costs.


Hidden Procedure Costs

Part of the reason why people move ahead with LASIK eye surgery is because the price is acceptable. That, and the fact that the procedure can greatly help vision and eye health in the long run so money becomes a secondary factor.

Despite seeing a headline price, the procedure cost doesn’t always reflect what people initially think. 

The cheaper options aren’t always transparent with their prices. While the figure looks cheap and can be enticing enough to take the next step with a consultation, you’ll usually find that the price isn’t 100 percent fixed.

Let’s say £1,500 is a figure you believe is cheap and you want to move ahead with. The chances are it will be advertised as ‘from £1,500,’ meaning the price could increase a lot more without warning, thanks to additions such as consultation fees, laser profile upgrades and additional costs for modern femtosecond blade-free LASIK.


Consultation Prices

You’ll find that nationwide clinics offer aftercare appointments at no cost at all, although for a limited period.

Whether that’s for a regular check-up with an optometrist, progress updates with your ophthalmic surgeon, ophthalmologist or anything else - aftercare is important.

What can come as a shock at the time, however, is that these consultation visits are usually only free for the first 12 months.

After a year has passed since your LASIK eye surgery, you’re then expected to pay up to hundreds of pounds for each appointment - perhaps even more if you’re booking in time with a surgeon. Not to mention your required medication.



After LASIK eye surgery, you’ll need to take medication as well as additional initial aids.. Whether that’s plastic shields, bandage contact lens or topical antibiotic steroid and lubricating drops to keep your eyes hydrated and healing correctly, medication is important following the procedure.

You can find that there are hidden costs here also. While some clinics might offer a time period for how long your medication won’t cost you a penny, you’ll be expected to pay a lot more should you need to continue using medication for a little longer.


Limited Guarantees

LASIK eye surgery might only be a short procedure, but it can be worrying to simply be discharged after your treatment is over. The issue with that is most clinics only give one-year guarantees.

If for some reason you need repeat treatment after that, you’ll have to pay the entire cost of your LASIK eye surgery once more. In the long run, this is clearly a more expensive option.

This also means if you want to go back to the treatment centre, you’ll be charged. If your one-year guarantee is up and the surgeons realise that the procedure didn’t go exactly as planned, that’s money coming out of your pocket.

That’s not really fair on you, but you can’t continue living with poor vision that needs the right attention.

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that all other treatment providers are trying to lure people in with low prices and hidden charges. What I'm trying to say is that you should be aware of other costs which might not be advertised from the off.

They'll certainly tell you their costs when asked (at least, we all hope!), so we just advise that you do ask so you can fairly compare treatment providers against one another.

That means comparing the initial treatment cost including the consultation, how long the included aftercare will last, what drops are included and, importantly, how much you’ll need to pay if you find yourself becoming e.g. short-sighted again a few years down the line.


The Focus Clinic Difference

When so many last-minute costs can pop up when you least expect them, the ‘cheaper’ LASIK eye surgery options can often end up as more costly, down the line.

That’s not the case at Focus Clinic, as we’re a world-leading laser eye clinic with the results to back it up.


One Hundred Percent Track Record

Having eye surgery is no small task, even if it doesn’t take long. Still, you’d find a lot more comfort in choosing a specialist clinic that has a 100 percent success rate for 20/20 vision for all common short-sighted prescriptions.

If a clinic accepts less than a 100 percent success rate, readily achievable with modern lasers and a skilled, selective and careful approach, then that shouldn’t really be an option in the first place and to us, that’s not good enough.

So while you might have a cheap fee to pay elsewhere, repeat procedures mean your costs are increasing. At Focus Clinic, the 100 percent success rate results in no surprising additional costs down the line.

It’s why we’re the UK’s most trusted laser eye surgery clinic.

You need to ask yourself, are you prepared to use a clinic with a less than 100 percent track record? There’s a good reason we have the highest trust rating of any ‘eye treatment’ rated clinic and are ranked #1, according to independent review site Trustpilot.


A Transparent Approach

At Focus Clinic, we believe being transparent is the best way to achieve trust with our patients. While other clinics will share their prices but not the hidden costs the procedures bring, that’s not the case at Focus Clinic.

We have a very simple and transparent approach to our LASIK eye surgery and any other procedure costs, ranging from around £4,800 for standard treatments, up to £6,000 for complex cases.

These figures include complete treatment to both eyes depending on the prescription and you’re not expected to pay anything more.

These aren’t starting figures where the price can increase; there’s nothing to hide so you won’t come across any surprises.


A Unique 10-Year Guarantee

While aftercare is provided by other clinics, it’s often only for 12 months. At Focus Clinic, we go one step further by providing a comprehensive package so you’re always taken care of with a 10-year guarantee for short-sighted treatments.

It’s unique, something no other clinic provides and is 10 times longer than what’s currently out there.

That’s not to say repeat procedures are needed either. At Focus Clinic, only around one in 500 patients have needed an additional procedure after the initial 12 month follow-up period. So, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need this guarantee, but it’s nice to know you still have it!

This unique guarantee also means you can come back at any time in the future assessments for life. Unlike other centres, the follow-up visits don’t cost a thing so there won’t be any hidden costs there either.


A Specialist Centre

A common mistake patients make is assuming that chain clinics boast the most expertise. That’s not always the case as the level of experience will always vary from centre to centre, just like with any independent treatment providers.

But that’s not the case at Focus Clinic. We’re a single specialist centre and that’s a big factor for patients that choose us. Being a single clinic means the close-knit team know every patient and the patients will always see the same people, as opposed to different people during each paid visit at a chain centre.

By putting all of the focus in one specialist centre, it allows us to prioritise safety, patient care and results all the time.


Less Pressure

Unlike other centres, our world-class surgeons know exactly who is and isn’t a good fit for LASIK eye surgery. It’s not about making a profit and letting just anybody receive the treatment as we care too much to let that happen.

With so much experience in the bank (over 45 years and 35,000 procedures performed between our two surgeons), we’ve learnt a great deal about which candidates can go ahead with LASIK eye surgery and which should avoid it to prevent further complications so we never increase the pressure to move ahead.

It’s never sales above safety for us. We turn down a number of people and only operate when it’s safe to do so.

We still advise and counsel those that don’t need or aren’t suitable for LASIK eye surgery accordingly, rather than turning them away entirely. Sometimes alternative treatments are available, such as implantable contact lenses (ICLs).

That’s why we have had so much success and continue to do so. We don’t put anyone in danger by having them proceed with LASIK eye surgery when they don’t need it or if it can create further issues down the line.

This premium service is why we’re the industry leaders, and why more and more patients are turning to Focus Clinic. Let’s face it, you just can’t put a price on guaranteed clear vision.


Find the Right Surgeon and Surgery to Suit You

It’s free to visit our specialist clinic and undergo a consultation to find out if you’re suitable for LASIK eye surgery.

As we’ve shown, the cheaper options aren’t always the most cost-effective in the long run and in the case of your eyes, you can’t afford to take that risk.

We’re incredibly proud of the client-focused service we provide, ensuring each patient receives the same outstanding level of treatment and care.

With our 100 percent success rate for 20/20 vision, world-class surgeons, a 10-year guarantee for short-sight and so much more, it’s unlikely you’ll need further treatment and it won’t have any further impact on your bank account.

If you’re considering LASIK or just want to know more about laser eye surgery, make sure to download our comprehensive information pack. It features plenty of useful information on the procedures we offer and is perfect for putting any concerns you have to rest.

You can get your hands on a free copy of the pack by clicking on the download link below.

Focus Clinic Laser Eye Surgery Information Pack