How to choose a laser eye surgeon

How to choose a laser eye surgeon

How to choose a laser eye surgeon - What should people consider when choosing a surgeon, what should they ask him/her about their qualifications etc? What should they be looking for?

An important question is actually one many people don’t think of - how many other patients will have treatment with that surgeon on the same day? For example, some clinics may operate on 4 or 5 patients a day, others 20-30 or even more. Quality and safety are helped when the surgeon has ample time and isn’t rushing on to the next case.

some clinics operate on 4 or 5 patients a day, others 20-30 or even more -quality & safety are helped when the surgeon isn’t rushing and has fewer cases

Your surgeon should be a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, having the letters FRCOphth after their name. More importantly though is the actual performance of the surgeon in carrying out vision correction. People should consider that individual surgeon’s results and their complication rates.

Results should be for both achieving 20/20 vision, and also better than 20/20. Contrary to popular belief, 20/20 is not perfect vision, but rather a low average. Most people can see slightly better than that, known as 20/16. You want to know the percentage of patients getting 20/16, i.e. being able to see as well as they could with glasses before surgery.

look at your prospective surgeon’s vision results and complication rates

Complications rates to ask for should include the re-treatment rate (the % of patients needing a second treatment within the first year), infection rate, and the % of dry eyes beyond 6 months post-op.

Unfortunately, most clinics don’t publish complication rates. Complications can happen with any surgery, and most can be corrected or indeed avoided. With well selected patients, complications should be rare.

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