LASIK vs LASEK / PRK Eye Surgery

The comparison chart below will help inform you of the differences between LASIK and traditional LASEK / PRK eye surgeries, as well as provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of surgery.

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What type of surgery is right for me?

Although LASIK is a more popular choice, the type of surgery that’s right for you is completely Dependant on your suitability and the types of activities in which you take part in.

Both LASIK and LASEK / PRK surgeries are proven to be very safe and both offer superb results. If you’d like to know more about laser eye surgery or which type of surgery would be best suited to you, please call to book a free, informative, no obligation consultation at our London based clinic.

If you’d like to learn more on LASIK eye surgery, you download our guide.

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