Specialist treatments at FOCUS

Many people think of laser eye surgery as a treatment for standard degrees of short-sight. However at Focus Clinic this is just part of what we do. In addition to offering a range of treatments for long sight and also presbyopia (reading vision correction), our expertise allows us to go beyond the normal 'standard'.

Our specialist treatments are designed for patients who have extreme short-sightedness or long-sightedness with or without astigmatism, as well as people who have already had previous laser eye surgery.

In addition to this, we can also correct presbyopia if required, and this will be included as part of the specialist treatment.

We may also able offer treatment to people that have,in the past, been told that they are not suitable to proceed with laser correction. The knowledge, expertise and experience of our ophthalmic surgeons could mean that we are able to offer treatment.

Specialist treatments patients require the highest level of care and attention. They are provided with:

  • A fully comprehensive consultation at our London clinic.
  • Tailored treatment using the WaveLight Allegretto with PerfectPulse Technology
  • Lifetime care guarantee
  • 24hr aftercare direct liaison with the surgeon


We recently treated actor Bo Poraj who has a prescription of over -8 in each eye. Here he discusses his Focus Specialist treatment:

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